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TNC Coin is a crypto coin with a circulating supply of 5.9B and total supply at 196.7B. TNC Coin is represented by its symbol TNC and is not hot as Bitcoin or Etherium.. Go through the project details and whitepaper to know more details about TNC Coin and its investment opportunities.

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Highlights of the Project

What makes TNC Coin different? What are the unique features of TNC Coin?

Highly-Scalable Network

TNC Mainnet provides robust and scalable features to cater to the demands of merger developments.

Enterprise-Grade Security

The TNC Mainnet provides an overarching strategy for servicing the complex needs of today�s organizations.

Asset Immutability

TNC Mainnet will store all data and make sure that it will remain unchanged and secured within the blockchain....

About the Project

Learn more about TNC Coin project and its usecases

What Is TNC Coin?

TNC Coin is the official digital currency of TNC. It serves as an integral part of all the transactions and processes within the TNC ecosystem. The ecosystem is expected to grow relentlessly due to technology developments on the TNC mainnet.As the leading digital currency, TNC Coin has a primary purpose. It will be utilized in an open-source network where developers can fork and create TNC-21 standard tokens through building programs on TNC mainnet.

Why TNC Coin?

TNC Coin is a blockchain infrastructure offering high scalability and robust security engineered to the demands of the innovative crypto industry. Know the underlining network features that make TNC Coin the optimal blockchain for technology development.


TNC introduces the Proof-of-Merger consensus to fully support the Crypto M&A project. The Proof-of-Merger consensus is designed to level the crypto-asset market price through facilitating automatic token burning. Token burning is an effective way of increasing and stabilizing the price in the crypto market. Hence, the Proof-of-Merger ensures that merger companies and users are under fair conditions, as agreed upon in the Crypto M&A token swap agreement.

What We Are?

Coin is the pilot project of TNC IT Group. In addition to being the official cryptocurrency of TNC and all its mergers (see section Token Mechanics) and an improved version of a third-generation mainnet, built to serve the purpose of hundreds of crypto companies. Developed to address the problems in the current blockchain systems, TNC Coin is a blockchain network prepared to handle 300,000 transactions-per-second (TPS) with improved block generation systems. Technically superior to other distributed ledgers, TNC Coin will implement a Dual Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DDPoS) protocol to guarantee security and speed, asset immutability, and scalable features to cater to the demands of DApps development. TNC Coin also serves as an entity that is independent of TNC Group. It stands as a blockchain company that mainy offers blockchain networks with high scalability with robust security engineered for the needs of innovative fintech and crypto projects. The new mainnet is set to offer more security and velocity in order to respond to the TNC community needs.


We at TNC Coin brought new projects and opportunities to our talented pool of developers, which we have gathered through the TNC IT Group Crypto M&A project. We assembled some of the best blockchain experts from reputable startups and companies that utilize blockchain technology in different industries. As a project that has been planned for the past years, TNC IT Group started by connecting clients with competent blockchain professionals to develop blockchain networks that can adhere to the industry and business ecosystems' demand.

TNC Global team

TNC’s Global Team is formed by around 300+ blockchain developers with different specializations coming from all over the world. The network was established with the aim to develop the ultimate mainnet. While blockchain is still a brand new concept, it holds great potential. Mainnet development will bring new opportunities and create a new market paradigm with blockchain technology. TNC aims to assemble a diverse blockchain workforce across the globe for a simple and straightforward reason we are seeking to establish a conventional-purpose technology that prospers our future. Today, we have gone beyond plainly seeking new technology. Now, we will conceive a sense of solidarity within the community with a unified goal in our mind.

TNC Projects

TNC Coin partnered with major blockchain projects including Aladdin Wallet, Buyaladdin, Tokenncoin, Real Research, Aladdin Exchange, and TNC Teams. Each project delivers premium services that work to benefit the entire blockchain space. Learn more about the projects through the descriptions written below.

  • Aladdin Pro - Aladdin Pro Wallet ensures that crypto-asset security is a top priority.
  • Buyaladdin - Buyaladdin is a global shopping paradise where items from all categories can be bought.
  • Token Maketcaps - Tokenncoin is a real-time based crypto market data platform for fast and easy monitoring.
  • Real Research - Real Research help drive businesses’ full potential through quality and unbiased data.
  • Aladdin Exchange - Aladdin Exchange makes it easy to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies across borders.
  • TNC Teams - TNC Teams creates a decentralized workforce for a united blockchain and crypto industry.

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